Booking Phoenix. A Dedicated Escape Room Booking Software.

With over 3 years development and multiple users onboard booking phoenix is designed by escape room owners, for escape room owners.

Advanced Communication Options

Receive push notifications, sms messages or emails when new bookings are received. Send reminder messages to customers to reduce no shows.

Automatic Facebook Posting

Free up staff time and upload your team photos into Booking Phoenix and choose how often the photos are posted to your page, Individually, daily, or weekly.

Clean Booking Calendar View

Both customers and staff can view all rooms available or booked on any given day at a glance without the need of multiple clicks.

Who We Are

Our team of designers and developers had primarily been working on an Escape Room in New Zealand when they discovered a lot of booking systems aren’t designed for Escape Rooms but adapted for them.

With a platform designed specifically for Escape Rooms we understand the advantages of particular features and believe a booking system should be an asset to a business to encourage growth, not encourage higher fees.

We can sometimes tailor options and features to your specific needs. Get in touch with us and let us work with you to grow your business and improve the customer experience offered by your booking system.

Is this booking system right for your Escape Room?

Our Philosophy

We aim to be feature rich yet affordable. We are a small team and pride ourselves on doing what’s right for our customers. We have declined offers to scale largely and quickly because quality to existing users is our top priority. Slow growth is healthy growth.

Clean Design

Your customers should be able to make bookings easily on mobile and desktop without having to enter pages of details. With booking phoenix your customers can see all available rooms and times then make a booking with out a couple of additional clicks.


We understand that if your booking system goes off-line you lose the ability to take new bookings and manage existing ones. We have multiple safety options in place that mean our up time is 100%

Real Time Calendar

Our calendar updates continuously in real time so less errors are made. If a booking comes in online you receive notifications and you spend less time refreshing your page checking changes made.

Free Trial Available.

We don’t need a credit card to offer you a trial. We can setup an account for you and let you have a full demo of the software in your own time before signing up and installing the widget on your website. We understand you need to be comfortable in making the decision.

Our Focus Features

Gift Voucher Integration

Groupon Integration

Stripe Integration

Flexible Branch Settings

POS System

Reporting Options

Qualified Support Team

Worldwide Network

Our Pricing Plans

Single Room Venue
Designed for those who operate a single Escape Room on their Premises
A very low cost solution for those who need it
Single room booking calendar
Online customer booking platform
Branch and customer confirmation emails
Unlimited Bookings
Zero commissions
Select Plan
Great for new or small escape rooms
A simple booking system with no fancy features
Purpose built booking calendar
Online customer booking platform
Branch and customer confirmation emails
Unlimited Bookings
Zero commissions
Select Plan
Designed for Escape Room looking to get to that next level
Feature rich, extended insights, higher customisation
Everything included in the Starter plan
Everything included in the Established plan
Integrated Point of Sale System
Advanced reporting
Electronic Leaderboard
Optional feedback request surveys or Trip Advisor emails.
Select Plan

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