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Bookings Made Simple

Discover a seamless experience in Escape Room management

Resource Management

Have reduced staff at a paticular time or on a paticular day? Configure your time slots to only allow a predefined ammount of bookings per time slot.

Real Time Calendar

Hitting refresh on the browser is so old fashioned. Live pushing of data elimantes mistakes keeps your calender view current at all times.

Advanced Reporting

Make insightful decisions by looking at key metrics to really understand whats happening in your business.

Public & Private Booking Options

Offer private bookings? Easy. Offer public bookings with upgrade to private options? Easy.

Qualified Support Team

Fast response times from our support team. You can always ask us anything.

Flexible Branch Settings

Everyone has an escape room, but they aren't all the same. Customise your settings to suit your requirements.

Checkin Application (BETA)

Available on iOS and Android for customer data collection and waivers

Worldwide Network

We have customers around the world and serveral server locations to meet demand.

Clean, Clear and Customisable customer booking view.

Your customers can view all the rooms available for any particular day with ease. Blocked slots can show as Contact Us, Unavailable, or something else specific to your requirements. Developed for Desktop and Mobile views.

Helpful and efficient back end staff view.

Easily see your customers bookings and details at a glance. Create single, multiple bookings easily and block slots quickly when needed.

Valuable insights into your business

Our dashboard gives you a quick summary of upcoming bookings, projected sales and other useful information to your business. Quickly see at a glance how many slots are available for customers to book and how many slots are blocked to see if you are missing any potential customers.


Escape room performance and other helpful charts. Quickly see what your most popular rooms, reasons for cancellations, customer acquisition and more with just a few clicks.

Our customers love us

Big or small we want to help you grow your Escape Room Business!

Breakout Saint John

I wanted to share my experience and why I ultimately chose Booking Phoenix after researching what seems like a billions systems. Booking Phoenix is an escape room system, built by an escape room owner's wants for his own business.

After 2 years of business, I decided I needed to switch and started researching other systems.

We've been using Booking Phoenix for a year now. There are always little things I hear about that I'd like added, and Dan has it all on his list once I request it.

I highly recommend everyone seriously consider it. I'm a happy customer and want to share my experience.